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The Domestic Life - Part 3

After a few hours on the zeppelin, The Doctor and a very sleepy Rose got off, Rose had already explained to The Doctor that there would be paparazzi there, there always is.

They finally got in to the car after being pictured and got in to their car.

“Blimey, is it like that all the time?” asked The Doctor.

“Yeah, and now it’s going to be worse because you’re the new mystery man, so they’ll wanna know who you are and if we’re together etc etc. “explained Rose.

“Oh, great.” Said the Doctor sarcastically.

“Tell me about it.” Rose said and turned to the window and looked to see how close they were to her flat. “Mum, who are they dropping off first me and The Doctor or you back at home?” asked Rose.

“Erm, I think they’re dropping me off and then they’ll take you home I think, why?” said Jackie curiously.

“Just wondered, couldn’t figure out where abouts we were that’s all.” Rose turned to The Doctor as he began to speak.

“You don’t live at the mansion any more then?” wondered The Doctor.

“No, never, couldn’t handle it with Tony coming along I thought I’d leave mum and dad to have a happy start of a family and it was about time I moved out seen as though I’m 23.”

“Right, so from your age I’m gathering you’ve been for 3 years?”

“Yep!” said Rose, popping the p just as he did.

“So, in those 3 years, has there ever been anyone else?” said The Doctor lifting an eyebrow.

“Erm, no, well except Ben, but that was only a couple of months, he’s my best friend, couldn’t be anything more.” explained Rose.

“Right, so this Ben guy, is he better looking than me? “Wondered The Doctor.

“Is that actually possible.” Rose leaned in to kiss him. “No-one could ever be better looking than you.” Said Rose with a huge smile on her face.

“Rose, we’re at yours.” Said Jackie

“Wow, very nice.” Said the Doctor, impressed.

“Not really, it’s nothing flash, besides you ain’t seen the inside yet, I bet it’s a complete tip, so I apologise in advance.” Said Rose getting out of the car.

“I’ll see ya later sweetheart.” Shouted Jackie from inside the car. “We’ll pop in later, is that ok?” asked Jackie.

“Yeah that’s fine mum, I’ll see ya later” said Rose, then turned to The Doctor who was now out of the car. ”Come on then.” Said Rose and walked towards the block of flats and grabbing The doctors hand, towing him along.

“This place is really nice.” Said The Doctor, browsing through Rose’s belongings.

“Oh, thanks.” Said Rose “Oh, I better check my messages; God knows how many I’ll have.” Rose walked over to her mobile phone and picked it up and read ’50 missed calls’ and ’20 messages’. ‘Great’ thought Rose. All of them were either from Ben or work.

“Everything alright” asked The Doctor when he saw the look on Rose’s face.

“Yeah, just gotta ring Ben, that alright?” asked Rose.

A hit of jealousy hit The Doctor and he thought ‘How close were these 2? Was he in love with her?’

“Yeah that’s fine, why wouldn’t it be?” said The Doctor trying to act surprised.

“No reason, I just wondered, anyway I’ll only be a minute.” Said Rose as she walked away with the phone to her ear.

Half an hour later Rose finally came off the phone.

“Sorry about that, had to explain everything.” Said Rose and when to sit down next to The Doctor. “He never normally gets worried when I go away for a while, guess he just thought I’d never come back.”

“Yeah well you are now, and you’ve got me!” beamed The Doctor.

“Yeah, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Beamed Rose back at The Doctor. “Forever right?” asked Rose.

“Forever, promise.” Said The Doctor as he planted a kiss on to Rose’s lips.


The Domestic Life - Part 2

The next morning Rose woke up, wrapped in The Doctor’s arms, she lifted up her head to see The Doctor staring down at her with a wide grin on his face.

“What?” said Rose clearly confused and lifted up her arms to wipe the sleep put of her eyes. The Doctor starting laughing at Rose, as she was clearly confused, first thing in the morning wasn’t Rose’s favourite time of day. “Whhatttt??” whined Rose.

The Doctor continued looking at her and said “Nothing, I’m just staring at the most beautiful woman in the whole wide universe, and every universe out there for that fact, now what is wrong with that?”

“Okay, one why are you looking at me if you’re looking at the most beautiful woman ever blady blady blah, ‘cos I certainly am not that, and two why on Earth were you laughing at me then?!” Rose insisted.

“Becauseeee Miss Tyler, you are the most beautiful woman ever, FACT! Also, I was laughing at you simply because you look adorable when you’re all confused first thing in the morning!” explained The Doctor.

‘Yeah yeah whatever, now go away, do you have to talk so much this time of the morning?” complained Rose.

‘Well no not really, I guess I just like to talk a lot, seen as though I’m annoying you so early on this lovely morning, how about I make you a good cup of tea?” grinned The Doctor.

“Yeah go on then, 2 sugars and loads of milk!” yelled Rose as she walked in to the bathroom.

‘I know! I remember!” The Doctor yelled back.

Half an hour later The Doctor and Rose went to meet Jackie downstairs before Pete came with their own personal zeppelin.

“I still can’t believe we get our own zeppelin, I mean it’s as if we’re celebrities, its insane!” The Doctor kept rambling on in Rose’s ear.

“Well, we are technically celebrities Doctor y’know the paparazzi and everything. It’s a bit weird.” Said Rose, casually

“So what, you get followed round by paparazzi and security guards and everything like that?” asked The Doctor.

“The paparazzi yes, the security guards no, it’s not like I need them, I’m not important or anything.” Said Rose.

“Yes you are, you’re the most important person ever!” Smiling at Rose.

“No, I’m not, besides you’re too biased.” Said Rose, swinging their arms as they walked.

“Well, yeah I suppose, but you’re still important!” Said The Doctor” Hi Jackie, lovely morning isn’t it?” The Doctor said to Jackie as they reached her, trying to be all nice in case she found out he and Rose were together last night.

“Yeah yeah I suppose, anyways the zeppelin’s here now!” whinged Jackie walking outside to the zeppelin.

“Come on then, no turning back now, sure you don’t wanna run away?” asked Rose cautiously.

“Course not, I wanna be with you forever, now come on before we miss our flight!” Said The Doctor rushing over to where Jackie was going, he couldn’t wait to start his life with Rose, it would be perfect.


The Domestic Life - Part 1

The Human Doctor and Rose’s life together 
Please R&R  

As the TARDIS materialized away from the beach Rose started to panic, wondering what she was going to do now, all she ever wanted was to travel with the doctor again, just like old times, but he left, he left her here to live a normal life again, but at least she had this doctor, who she could have a good and happy life with, growing old together, getting married, kids, grandkids even, she couldn’t wait!

As Rose thought about this she turned to the Doctor and grabbed him again and kissed him as if it was the last thing she was ever going to do, it was just like last except this one builded up and gradually got more passionate and she pulled him closer and put her hands through his hair. They were finally together, forever, this was the best moment of their lives, but of course Jackie had to split their lovely moment up.

‘OI! Space boy, get the hell off my daughter, I’m bloody freezing out here!’ yelled a very angry Jackie, and of course, not wanting to get a Jackie Tyler slap, he took himself off of Rose. ‘Good, that’s more like it! Now let’s go find a bloody hotel!’

‘Alright, alright we’ll find a hotel.’ Simply said The Doctor.

The Doctor and Rose walked infront of Jackie and walked down the beach to find a hotel, hand in hand and swining their arms happily.

*An Hour Later*

‘Finally! About flippin’ time we found a hotel!’ said Rose, finally relieved they had found one because it was beginning to get dark.

‘Yep, come on then, let’s get us a couple of rooms.’  Said The Doctor walking towards the desk. Rose looked up at The Doctor and simply said

‘Rooms?’, The Doctor looked at her confused,

‘Yeah rooms, one for me, one for you and your mum, or you and your mum could have one each, I don’t mind.’ Rambled The Doctor.

‘Well, I was kind of wondering if. . well maybe erm, we could share a room.’ Said Rose raising one eyebrow.

‘Why?’ said The Doctor, completely confused then Rose rose both of her eyebrows up till he finally got the picture, ‘Oh, oh right I see, so shall I get 2 rooms, one for me and you and one for your mum?’

‘Yep, that’s fine!’ said Rose happily.

‘Okey dokey, hold on, I’ll go book them , you and your mum go look at magazines or something.’ Said The Doctor.

‘OK, trying to get rid of me already??’ teased Rose.

‘No, no. Of course of not, it’s just I think if your mum knew we were sharing a room, she would give me one of those famous Tyler slaps, and I realy don’t want one!’ complained The Doctor.

‘Hhahhaha you’re scared of my mum! That is the funniest thing ever!’ said Rose inbetween her laughing. The Doctor gave her one of those looks that kind of meant ‘go over to your mother or I won’t book it at all’, so Rose went and sat down with Jackie whilst The Doctor booked the rooms for the night.

5 minutes later The Doctor came back happily and said ‘There, 3 rooms booked for the night, and tomorrow Pete can come and pick us up from this dead end dump!’

‘Yep, then back to London, get back to what we call ‘normal’’ said Rose.

‘Yeah, normal.’ Grinned The Doctor, Rose smiled back at him and thought that this was going to be a very good night and grabbed The Doctor’s hand and walked up to find their both of their ‘rooms’.




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